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Suffragettes in Council


Dear Mother, Don’t forget the first train in Morning Saturday

Your son Jack                                       

Get ticket for [...]



Mrs E. Pearel [?]

[...] & Jockey [?]





Emneth, Wisbech, 3:15 PM, Oct 18 07.

According to google maps, the postcard sent just over 18 miles from the son, Jack, in Emneth in Cambridgeshire to his mother, in Chatteris, also Cambridgeshire.

I have not been able to find any information about this postcard entitled ‘Suffragettes in Council’. It has a number ‘5011’ but no other identifying features.

With my 21st Century eyes and opinions, the women in the postcard seem quite cool and sophisticated but I am aware that some anti-suffrage postcards sought to suggest that suffragettes were lesbians (Cowman, 2007) as this was considered derogatory at the time. I feel that this postcard may fit into that group, signalled perhaps by the closeness of the women, the smoking, the fact that they are showing their underskirts and posed in what might have been considered a masculine way with their feet on the arms of the chair.

In the article by Cowman on the use of humour against and by the suffrage movement, she comments that the absence of any men in the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) was ‘inconceivable to many Edwardian observers, and provoked bemused responses’ and that this form of ’feminized politics’ was the butt of many jokes. I suspect that this postcard fits into this humour however, I love this postcard and the casual and so cool look of the suffragettes.

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