Suffragette Postcards



What! You think a man could do it as well


Many happy returns of the day! Yours [...]



Mrs V. Backie, 18 Charles Street, North Road, [...]




This postcard, in the Dainty Series was entitled “Women Suffrage Series”. It carries the caption “What! You think a man could do it as well.” It seems to be one of a set of three, produced around 1907. All three postcards have a photograph of a youngster with a newspaper. The captions on the other two postcards are "Fellow Women, our day dawns at last.” (top right) And, more obscurely “Who said rats?"*.

The “Dainty Series” was published by ETW Dennis & Sons, Ltd. Who were based in Scarborough and London (metropostcard). ETW Dennis was founded in 1901, bought out the famous saucy postcard company, Bamforth & Co in the 1980’s, and then went into receivership in 2000. They published lithographic postcards in series and carried the mark—top right.


Bizarrely there is a silent feature film released in January 1911 by Acme Films called ‘The Suffragette’s Downfall’ or ‘Who said “Rats”’. It was directed by and starred Fred Rains. (Crawford, 1999). The British Film Institute website gives details of the plot from the surviving pieces of the film.


I am unsure if this film is related to the postcard due to the postcard seeming to predate the film release although the unusual title suggests it would be a strange coincidence if they were unrelated.



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