Suffragette Postcards



I want my Vote!


Dear Ada. Just a line to tell you that we cannot the whole crowd of single & married women who are not sufferegettes (sic). Do not think or at least cannot grant you of the feminine tribe a vote under any consideration.

Yours from the [...] Brigade


With best love from George



Miss Ada Barlow

418 High Street

Gowts Bridge



Lincoln, 6:15 PM, Oc 29 08

The postcard of a kitten sitting in front of the three colours of the Women's Social and Political Union with the text ‘I want my vote’.

The WSPU was led by Emmeline Pankhurst was one of the most militant. The colours were adopted in 1908 and were said to be representative (Tickner, 1987): white for purity, green for hope (youth or regeneration), and purple for dignity (loyalty or courage).

This postcard is featured in an article on humour, used by and against those in the suffrage movement (Cowman, 2007). She notes the use of images of animals and in particular of cats by commercial printers and comments that whilst this postcard is not ‘overtly hostile [...] it could be read as an attempt at infantilization. Such images would appeal to those who found the suffrage campaign amusing and to its more passive supporters as it is not an overtly anti-suffragette image.’.

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