Suffragette Postcards



Text Box: Oh, what a Difference!


Dear Ed,

Just a P,C, getting on a train soon be back again, time will soon be fly with love from EG



Miss E. Discombe

Heyford House





Down Camp.

This postcard is a pair of studio posed photographs with the caption below reading:

Oh, what a Difference!

1. Reception of a Constitutional Deputation to the British Parliament at Westminster

2. Its result

According to McDonald (1989), the postcard is one of a series which was produced by the Women’s Freedom League (WFL). The woman on the card is thought to be Edith How-Martyn, one of the founders of the WFL.

 The WFL pressed for the right of women to vote on the same terms as men. However, the organisation was formed by a group of women who broke away from the WSPU, disliking the way that this group was being run under the leadership of Emmaline Pankhurst and the influence that a group of wealthy women had. The WFL were a militant group and did advocate the breaking of the law eg in demonstrations, refusal to take part in the Census and to pay taxes, however they were completely non-violent (Crawford).

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Photograph of Edith How-Martyn